Battleground Legends- Best Play To Earn Game

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Battleground Legends- Best Play To Earn Game

Battleground Legends . Players will also be given the ability to risk their NFT’s in a player vs player game mode. Players will be able to battle each other for a chance to win characters, items and in game currency that can be sold on the secondary market, adding a unique risking aspect to a video game.

How it works: Users must first find a risk fight in our discord. Once 2 players have decided to battle, one player will create a room and send the room ID to the other member. Player 2 will join the room and both players will select which NFT they wish to risk. Once both players have agreed to terms, the NFT’s will be sent into a smart contract. Once the battle has finished, the game will interact with the smart contract, releasing both of the NFT’s to the winner.

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Battleground Legends- Best Play To Earn Game

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