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Copium Wars - Game Review

In the game "Copium Wars," players have the opportunity to earn rewards through gameplay and collect rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are unique and highly coveted by players, adding an extra layer of excitement and value to the game.

"Copium Wars" is a game that blends elements of degeneracy, conflict, and conquest with a blockchain-based design, resulting in a novel and experimental gaming experience. This game encourages players to participate in "play to earn" mechanics, allowing them to obtain in-game items or currency through their actions within the game. This unique combination of features creates a dynamic and engaging gaming experience for players.

Copium Wars Overview

It is a challenging project for both the developers and the players. As minting approaches, I'd like to go into greater detail on what you will be able to mint and how WL pre-game relates to minting. If you read closely, you'll also spot a tiny alpha leak.

Copium Wars Digital Assets

At debut, the Copium Wars ecosystem will have a variety of assets, including:

  • Primary NFT (ERC721)

  • Multiple types of equipment (ERC1155)

  • Copium (ERC20)

  • PFP (ERC721)

To help players become used to the game, the first mint will be divided into portions. One primary NFT, various amounts of equipment, and copium are all present at every meal. Instead, the PFP cannot be purchased. Only if the wallet possesses a specific quantity of primary NFTs may it be minted. The primary NFT can be acquired through game wins or through mint.

WL and minting interplay

There will be 30000 meals available for minting. Of these, there will be:

  • 10000 Free

  • 10000 Discounted

  • 10000 Fully paid

Players can order up to five meals each. Besides, the balance of the account with the 10000th ranking on the Leaderboard will determine how much a free mint will cost in HOPE. The balance of the account with the 20000th place on the Leaderboard will determine the discounted mint's price in HOPE.

Closer to the minting day, information about the cost in HOPE to participate in the fully paid pre-sale will be provided. Market forces will use a price discovery process (TBC) to establish the fully paid minting cost in ETH; we will work to come up with a fair and precise way. Players will face a limitation in price cap at a very fair level on the discount minting cost. The cap is set at 50% of the full paid cost.

Each qualifying individual account will be able to earn only ONE free or discounted meal based on their rank, regardless of the final HOPE balance. Regardless of their HOPE balance, squires will enjoy free mint. Additionally, the unused HOPE balance will not go to waste as players may purchase in-game resources.

*As the game approach closer to launch, the figures mentioned in this post could change.



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Best Game Review - Copium Wars

A blockchain-based crypto game called Copium Wars uses a play-to-earn system and an NFT mechanism to introduce degeneracy, conflict, and conquest games using an experimental on-chain strategy.

Copium Wars

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A play-to-earn system and an NFT mechanism are used in the blockchain-based crypto game Copium Wars to introduce degeneracy, conflict, and conquest games using an experimental on-chain strategy.

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