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Dogami - Game Review

In Dogami, you are tasked with raising a virtual dog NFT from puppyhood to adulthood, parenthood, and eventually the afterlife. The different stages of the game provide a variety of gameplay experiences.

Dogami Petaverse and Puppy Phase

The first phase of the game, the Puppy Phase, is similar to other pet simulation TV shows like Nintendogs, Petz, and Little Friends. In this phase, you must feed, care for, train, groom, entertain, and teach your virtual pet. You will be given daily missions and challenges to complete, which will help you strengthen your bond with your pet and assist in its development. As you complete objectives, you will also increase your bonding and boosting levels.

The amount of DOGA tokens you receive at the end of each day is based on your bonding and boosting levels, which are tied to the P2E dynamics. It's worth noting that your Bonding Level does not reset every day, so your maximum daily DOGA reward increases gradually over time rather than on a daily basis.

Bonding levels in Dogami unlock additional gameplay elements such as features, activities, and consumables, providing a steady stream of new experiences for players. One of the more unique features of the game is the requirement to physically walk a predetermined distance every day with your virtual pet, using augmented reality to see your pet as if it were actually present in the real world. This focus on fitness and health sets Dogami apart from other games in the same genre.

As an augmented reality game, Dogami encourages players to go outside and explore the world while completing missions and engaging with their virtual pet. Whether you're training your dog, going on walks, or simply spending quality time together, the bonding activities in Dogami offer a fun and interactive way to stay active and healthy. Whether you're a fan of pet simulation games or just looking for a new way to stay fit and have fun, Dogami is a must-try for players of all ages.

Adult phase

Some significant changes occur throughout the adult phase. While you still need to develop a close relationship with your dog, you can start advancing their career. These occupations include police, firefighters, farmers, astronauts, yoga instructors, and skateboarders.

To level up in player versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE) minigames, train your dog. These minigames will also be connected to the yearly Dogami Olympics.

The more skillfully you raise your Dogami and the further they move up the career ladder, the more DOGA tokens you receive each day. A specific badge is awarded to an NFT that has successfully completed a vocational pathway, which should increase its worth.

Breeding takes place throughout the Adult Phase as well.

Spirit Phase

Little is known about the gameplay in this stage at the time of writing. All we know is that until your Dogami NFTs have bred to their maximum, they cannot enter this phase. It will be extremely fascinating to see how the developer manages to have "spent" NFTs retain some worth at this point in the game, both as a collectible and in terms of utility.


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Best Game Review - Dogami

Your goal in Dogami is to successfully raise your dog NFT from a puppy through adulthood, parenthood, and eventually to the afterlife.


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In Dogami, you are tasked with raising a virtual dog NFT from puppyhood to adulthood, parenthood, and eventually the afterlife.

Dogami is the game developer of Dogami. In Dogami, your objective is to raise your dog NFT successfully from a puppy through adulthood.

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