Metakart – Best Blockchain Game

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Metakart – Best Blockchain Game

Metakart . Drift around thrilling tracks in a race for the finish line. Have endless fun shooting at your opponents and wreaking havoc all around you to gain extra points and climb the leaderboards. Dive into our numerous game modes and tracks to claim your rightful spot among the racing legends of the Myriaverse.

Are you ready for a crazy ride that is nothing short of hilarious? Hop into your shiny kart and race till your wheels burn. Can you handle the heat and destroy your opponents before they throw you off the track?

In this lawless racing game, you’ll need to do whatever it takes to thwart your rivals’ attempts at reaching the finish line before you. Choosing the optimal combination of driver and kart parts could be the difference between triumph and defeat. But don’t worry if your ride isn’t souped-up, you still have your shot at 1st place. Just make good use of the vicious power-ups scattered around the track to literally blast your competition into oblivion!

Throw your prized vehicle around the deadly turns of the track as you throw a dice to decide your destiny. Drifting and performing crazy stunts is your way of expressing your inner speed demons, so don’t be shy– let them come out and play!

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Metakart – Best Blockchain Game

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