Video Games and Metaverse

Video Games and Metaverse

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 16 Feb 2023 21:11 UTC

Video Games and Metaverse, Nothing New that the Metaverse Promises.

We have all heard a lot about metaverse, and how this new phenomenon will become the future of the internet.

The hype and coverage are over the top about metaverse and recent news about metaverse weddings was also not new. Metaverse activities, weddings, concerts, social meetings, and more are something that video games are done for decades.

Video Games and Metaverse
Video Games and Metaverse

Despite the hype, there is no metaverse yet. There are just plans, projects, and talks that are visible at a notable scale, nothing else. Close proximity to the idea of a metaverse in place is only evident in Second Life an MMORP.

But the tech companies jumping into the metaverse work on the integration and continuation of their own products with the metaverse, like Meta and its Oculus Quest headset.

Nevertheless, all the hype and buzz about tech giants jumping into the metaverse is something that the gaming industry has been doing long ago.

Video Games and Metaverse
Video Games and Metaverse

Take, for example, Final Fantasy XI, Second Life, GTA, and more, these games have already done way more than nuptial services in the meta-verse.

Moreover, these games provide some of the most inspiring and compelling functions associated with the meta-verse. A glaring example is of avatars which are present for like decades in MMORPG Furcadia’s 32-bit meadows.

But tech giants pose the avatar thing as futuristic.

So what is it that Decentraland and Horizon Worlds provide to gamers which Second Life and else failed to do? More hurdles to begin with. Horizon Worlds requires users to pay $300 for the headset to get going. Decentraland requires crypto wallets to store ERC20 tokens.

Though meta-verse seems a great idea and all that but the biggest challenge at the moment is the target audience. The idea of  NFT and meta-verse isn’t well-received by the gamers. Recently, Ubisoft had to face mass skepticism when it launched NFTs into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This has led other companies to ponder over the situation and dip their toes cautiously into this new domain.

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