Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain

Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 28 Mar 2023 04:16 UTC

Power Rangers NFT available on the WAX blockchain for a limited time via Hasbro Pulse.

Hasbro said it was entering the market for collectible non-fungible tokens by putting Power Rangers NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Hasbro Pulse will offer the NFT collection for a short time on the WAX blockchain.

Hasbro: Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain
Hasbro: Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain

The premium members of Hasbro Pulse were able to buy and access the site an hour before everyone else. Later, it was opened to the public as long as there was enough. HasbroPulse.com is where you can buy the Power Rangers NFTs. Earlier, the news was shared at a Hasbro event called Pulse Con.

Kawamina Crankson, who is the general manager of Hasbro Pulse, said, "We are thrilled to work with WAX to offer Hasbro's first-ever NFT collection with the Power Rangers franchise."

Fans can easily get into the world of NFTs and digital collectibles through the WAX platform.

Now, fans will be able to add to their collections with a unique Power Rangers NFT that can be traded for a special edition Dino Megazord. This will be done through the blockchain.

The Power Rangers NFT drop is available, and it can be turned in for a Hasbro Special Edition Power Rangers Collectible figure. The Lightning Collection Zord Ascension Project Special Edition Dino Megazord is the collectible figure that is a limited edition and can be bought only once.

People who have a WAX account with redeemable vIRL NFT will get a Redemption coin in their wallets that they can use to buy the Special Edition Megazord until November 8.

Hasbro: Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain
Hasbro: Power Rangers NFT On The WAX Blockchain

The co-founder of WAX also said, "WAX is the leader in NFT innovation, and we are going big with global play and entertainment company Hasbro to integrate one of their most iconic brands, Power Rangers, into the blockchain ecosystem. Our vIRL technology is changing the way people shop and trade collectibles by letting people buy NFTs and trade them in for a physical item."

WAX also works with Major League Baseball NFT trading cards, Funko Garbage Pail, Matter for Hot Wheels NFTs, and more.

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