Square Enix: Blockchain Gaming Is The Future

Square Enix: Blockchain Gaming Is The Future

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 31 Mar 2023 17:44 UTC

Square Enix president terms blockchain games as major future trend in video gaming.

Square Enix, the beloved video game company responsible for iconic franchises such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, has announced its intention to expand into the world of blockchain gaming. In a recent press release, Square Enix revealed that they are developing a range of NFT projects, including a new NFT game and an anniversary art collection featuring some of their most popular franchises. The company's president, Yosuke Matsuda, is enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain gaming and NFTs to revolutionize the industry and create new opportunities for engagement and revenue. Read on to learn more about Square Enix's exciting plans for the world of blockchain gaming.

Square Enix Thinks Blockchain Gaming Is The Future
Square Enix Thinks Blockchain Gaming Is The Future

Square Enix revealed in a press release that they are expanding their presence in the blockchain gaming industry with upcoming NFT projects. Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, is enthusiastic about this new frontier in the video game industry and is excited to explore the potential of blockchain gaming.

One of the most highly anticipated upcoming NFT projects is an anniversary art collection featuring iconic Square Enix franchises such as Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, and Parasite Eve. The collection will include NFT collectible art pieces and digital collectibles, such as trading cards and digital cards.

Square Enix is also developing a new NFT game featuring their popular game franchises. The game will allow players to collect NFTs based on characters, weapons, and other elements from their favorite games.

Matsuda noted that Square Enix is exploring NFTs as a way to offer fans new ways to engage with their favorite franchises, as well as a way to create new revenue streams for the company. He believes that NFTs and blockchain gaming have the potential to revolutionize the industry and change the way game companies interact with their fans.

The official website for SquareEnix will provide more information about their upcoming NFT projects as they become available. With the addition of NFTs to their arsenal, Square Enix is poised to make a major impact on the world of blockchain gaming and beyond.

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