Soldiers Land- Best Play To Earn Game

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Soldiers Land- Best Play To Earn Game

Soldiers Land .What is SoldiersLand?

SoldiersLand is the first real-utility NFT game. In this game, you can build your desired soldier, equip it with your desired equipment, use your NFT assets in other games to make it more powerful, Participate in challenges, Team up with your friends, attack other players individually or as a team online and grow bigger and bigger with your unique strategy and earn money in this way and sell your soldier at the price you want whenever you want.

How to join SoldiersLand?

In SoldiersLand, instead of using a centralized system to store game and gamer information, all information will be stored on the blockchain of the Binance network, which no one, not even the game owners, can change anything, and as a result, no one can cheat. In this game, everyone needs a soldier to start. This soldier can be provided in the marketplace or any user can create their own soldier who can choose the name, gender, and level of the soldier. Of course, for custom soldiers, there is a limit to the choice of level (level 1 to 5). You have to pay SLD tokens to buy NFT soldiers, which you can now buy from your panel.

What is marketPlace?

One of the most important parts of this game is its marketplace. Each user can put his soldier for sale at any time at any price and all these soldiers are displayed in one place, as a result of which users who decide to buy their soldier from the marketplace, make their purchase from among these soldiers. However, it is better to choose the pricing method according to the background and details of the soldier and be reasonable, because buyers will check all the background and details of your soldier and will buy it if it is of reasonable value. This point is so important that the user must perform well to manage his soldier, its attacks, or defends with it.

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Soldiers Land- Best Play To Earn Game

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